Telco & Cloud Services for Smarter Business.

Our Philosophy

Smartcom Business Communications (Smartcom) is a trusted provider of business-critical telecommunications and cloud services for start-up to enterprise organisations. We adopt a simple, yet effective means of doing business; in that we focus on sustained competitive advantage in the delivery of cost-effective, quality business applications – and with speed to market.

Our Value Proposition

Our clients gain sustained competitive advantage through ‘speed to market’ of contemporary business-critical cloud and telecommunication services – that are reliable, flexible, and scalable. Moreover, our services tick all the boxes for running a quality operation, including; improved business performance; operational efficiencies; increased revenue; and cost savings.


As an Australian company, Smartcom is attuned to the local marketplace, and indeed the challenges for  Australian companies expanding into APAC and globally. Moreover, in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive marketplace of constant change, we offer quality telecommunications and cloud services that incorporate flexible price models for clients to effectively manage the operational ebbs and flows of day to day business.

Australian Support

The quality of our Australian based support services are a critical component to our success. Incorporating rigorous ticketing and processes, our team of cloud and telecommunications experts are at your service.

Extensive Service Offering

Our cloud business services include SaaS (Software as a Service), featuring; Hosted PBX phone system, Call Centre software, and Virtual Workplace software. Our telecommunication services are available to the business sector as either stand-alone items like any other telco provider, or alternatively, telco services are often incorporated into our cloud SaaS offering. Telco services include; Unified Communications (UC), 1300 Numbers, VoIP, SMS, NBN Internet, IaaS, PaaS, etc.

Cloud SaaS

Hosted PBX phone systems  (also referred to as Cloud PBX, VoIP PBX or NBN phones systems); Auto Attendant; Smart Inbound Call Management; ACD & IVR; Speech Recognition; Dialler; Click to Dial; Collaboration; Artificial Intelligence; Virtual Workforce; Virtual Salesforce, Unified Communications incorporating Microsoft Skype for Business & Teams , and Intuitive Contact Database Management.

Telecommunications & Digital Marketing

VoIP; SMS; NBN Internet & Data; 1300 Numbers; PaaS; IaaS; Chat-Bot; Web-Chat; SMS-Chat; OmniChannel Communications; Unified Communications, Voice Broadcasting; Rapid Response Web Enquiry; Mobile SIM Cards, intuitive Contact Database Management; and Data Mining.

Outsourced Services

Outsourced Inbound & Outbound Call Centre services; Virtual Receptionist; Direct Response Marketing (DRM); and Back-Office services.


Smartcom hosted cloud applications include mobile apps across all devices; PC’S & MAC/Laptops and Smart devices – Android & Apple. In addition, the Virtual Workplace SaaS delivers extraordinary flexibility and mobility across the board.

Technology ‘Fit’

Smartcom services ‘fit’ any IP environment, and indeed can be used to either compliment or replace incumbent technology and telecommunication services. Using API or VPN connections, any number of cloud SaaS can be integrated with the Smartcom Cloud in no time.


Smartcom delivers cost-effective business-critical services without comprise to quality and support. In other words, gain sustained competitive advantage at the right price – without the inherent risk of low-cost service providers.

1300 Numbers | Gold Coast

1300 Numbers

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VoIP Phone System | Gold Coast

VoIP Phone System

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Hosted PBX

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Auto Attendant | Gold Coast

Auto Attendant

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Skype for Business

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