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February 4, 2021

Best Small Business Phone Systems Queensland

New-Age business phone systems are rapidly changing the way small businesses in Queensland are operating. From South-East to Far North Queensland, cloud and VoIP based office phone systems are providing the small business sector with not only increased capabilities, but also a means of gaining a competitive edge over rivals throughout Australia.

NBN is the catalyst for Change

The NBN roll-out, and the subsequent de-commissioning of the telephone copper network has lead to the obsolescence of traditional analogue phone systems. As a result, cloud-based phone systems continue to be increasingly popular for small business owners in Australia.

Queensland Small Business is quick to adopt Cloud Business Phone Systems

The exponential growth of cloud-based business phone systems in Queensland can largely be attributed to the following;

Firstly, small business owners have little choice but to shift to an IP (Internet Protocol) based phone system as a direct result of the copper network shut-down. In other words, businesses need to either upgrade existing business phone systems to cater for voice traffic carried over VoIP; or alternatively adopt cloud-based, Hosted PBX applications.

Secondly, the affordability of cloud phone systems, has presented small businesses with the opportunity to gain phone system capabilities that have traditionally only been available to the high-end of town.

Thirdly, the flexibility of cloud-based business VoIP phone systems is simply extraordinary; in that small business owners are able to adopt communications systems that are no longer tied to the office.

Fourthly, in addition to the many advantages of a Hosted PBX phone system, small business owners are also able to cut costs in the following areas;

  1. Call Costs
  2. IT Infrastructure Costs
  3. Support & Maintenance Costs

Fifthly, quality cloud-based business phone systems are regularly upgraded, as is the firmware on the handsets. As a result, the cloud phone systems remain contemporary technology as time goes by.

Sixthly, the work from home capabilities of cloud systems, provide small business with incredible workplace flexibility, with staff able to work from any location, whilst connected to the office phone system.

Lastly, no matter where in Queensland your business is located, the remote technical support capabilities of cloud phone systems, means that small businesses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Toowoomba or wherever, are easily supported by technicians without being onsite. Instead, technicians can quickly trouble shoot and make changes via remote access.

Queensland Small Businesses Gain a Competitive Edge with Hosted PBX

As result of the above, the small business sector in Queensland is reaping the rewards of quality cloud business phone systems; in that they acquire a greater capacity to gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Moreover, with extra capabilities on hand, small businesses are also better positioned to respond to the dynamics of an increasing sophisticated, changing and competitive landscape.

More to the point, Hosted PBX VoIP phone systems can have a dramatic affect on small businesses wanting to build effective operations that have the capacity to adapt to a changing business environment, and as a result gain;

  1. Increased Capabilities
  2. Scalability
  3. Agility
  4. Mobility
  5. Responsiveness
  6. Cost-Efficiencies

Standard Hosted PBX Features for Small Business in Queensland

We’d recommend that the first place to start when deciding on a business phone system, is to review the standard features and how these suit the requirements of your business.

The list below outlines the type of standard features you should expect from a cloud phone system; such as those included in our EasyCloud PBX offering;

  1. Cloud-based business phone system
  2. Crystal Clear VoIP
  3. Office Greeting
  4. Phone lines for each extension
  5. Call Routing
  6. Call Forwarding
  7. Voice Mail
  8. Ring Groups
  9. Simultaneous or Handset to next Handset Ringing
  10. Multiple Site Configurations

Advanced Hosted PBX Features

More advanced features include;

  1. Voice Mail to Email
  2. Inbound Call Management
  3. Auto Attendant ie; Press 1, Press 2 etc
  4. Call Recording
  5. Fax to & from Email
  6. Change Management Portal
  7. Report Dashboard
  8. Mobility – such as a Mobile App, Call Forwarding & Customer portal.
  9. 1300 Number Integration

Cisco Webex Calling & Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams are leading the way in the provision of Hosted PBX phone systems that incorporate Unified Communications.

In addition to the standard Hosted PBX functions, Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams include advanced setting such as; video conferencing, video 1:1, collaboration; and unified communications.

Small business can therefore communicate across multiple channels such as; audio, email, instant messaging, presence, document sharing, video 1:1 and video conferencing. Webinars are also a feature of Webex. Importantly, both services can also integrate with Microsoft Office 365.


Drive Performance with highly Efficient Business Communications

Small business owners gain enormously from the mobility and agility of a Hosted PBX.

In addition to the call forwarding and mobile App functions, changes to the phone system can be made from any location with immediacy via a customer portal.

Furthermore, inbound call management via call queuing, call routing, and the Auto Attendant function (Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts etc), enables small businesses to efficiently manage calls, as well as present companies in a highly professional manner. 1300 Numbers, can also be configured to the inbound call management functions.

With increased capabilities at your disposal, your business will be able to communicate with customers throughout Queensland, and indeed across Australia in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Scalability & Flexibility

Cloud-based business phone systems have essentially eliminated the need for small business owners to naval gaze phone requirements. Instead, your business can be scaled up or down from one month to the next, and changes to the phone system can also be made ‘on the fly’.

Workforce Agility & Mobility

Hosted PBX phone systems enable small businesses to use the capabilities of the business phone from any location; in the office, at home, subsidiary offices, overseas offices and ‘out on the road’.

Likewise, your workforce can access a cloud-based small business office phone system from any device, such as; IP Handset, Softphone, Mobile Apps, or calls forwarded to your mobile phone.

Staff can also retrieve voicemails from an email inbox, which in particular is widely used for the efficient management of after-hours calls.

Compelling Commercial Gains for Queensland Small Business

Hosted PBX services present small businesses in Queensland with compelling reasons to adopt the technology. For instance;

  1. No Capex
  2. No Upgrades/Swap-outs – as a result of Continuous Software & Handset firmware updates
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Scalable Price Models

Flexible Price Models & Cost Savings

The good news for small business owners, is that the Opex price models associated with cloud-based office phone systems can provide companies with a means of efficiently managing the ebbs and flows of running a business. This is particularly important when confronting uncertainty, such as the turbulence of COVID19.

Slash Telco & IT Costs

You’ll able to cut your telco costs with a Hosted PBX phone system that incorporates VoIP as part of the cloud service. Likewise, the support services that come with a cloud business phone system, will more or less eliminate the need for in-house, IT support services – other than LAN related IT ie; PC’s, printers, IT network etc.

Brisbane-based Australian Support Services

What’s apparent from the advent of the COVID 19, is that many technology companies with offshore support resources were severely hamstrung as a result of closures to operations in the Philippines and India.

On the other hand, its also evident that Australian tech companies that have developed, and indeed supported their Hosted PBX services in Australia, have more or less been able operate in a business as usual capacity during COVID 19.

What small businesses should take from the above, is that in selecting a cloud business phone system, high value should be placed on vendors that have skilled support resources based in Australia, and even better if they are locally based in Queensland – as they operate on the same time zone as other Queensland businesses.

Secure Communication Platforms

IT security is paramount for vendors of small business office phone systems in Australia – with the number one priority being that the cloud infrastructure is located in data centres in Australia, that use only local telecommunication carriers. Above all, the Service Desk should be based in Australia for additional security.

Cloud Phone Systems are the Way-Ahead

In conclusion, the shift to cloud technology has resulted in wide-spread adoption of cloud-based small business phone systems throughout Queensland, and Australia for that matter.

All things considered, small businesses that equip themselves with contemporary communication platforms such as a Hosted PBX, will have the greatest chance of succeeding in a business environment of constant change.

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