When it comes to cloud applications and telecommunications.… we talk business.

Technology advancement of the Internet, Cloud computing and VoIP is changing the way we do business. On this page we share stories, articles and tips in relation to technology utilisation as a means of gaining a competitive edge.

Our focus is on business applications such as; cloud-based call centre software, cloud phone systems and telecommunications ie; Hosted PBX, Omni Channel & Unified Communications, VoIP and Virtual Workplace,

We take a business perspective in communicating the above, and therefore attempt to cut-through industry jargon in order to provide business leaders with information about technology and how it can best serve organisations to improve business performance.

Hosted PBX & 1300 Numbers in Australia

The ultimate Australia-wide collaboration; Hosted PBX, 1300 Numbers and your website.

  • Published by
  • 16 - 07 - 2019
Business Phone Systems/ Hosted PBX

Edge out competitors with the extraordinary capabilities of Hosted PBX phone systems.

Cloud PBX Phone System/ VoIP

VoIP is now a business imperative.

Business Phone Systems / Hosted PBX / VoIP

Cutting through the jargon of cloud-based business phone systems.

Hosted PBX / VoIP / 1300 Numbers

Cloud PBX is the new black. Critical Reasons why.

  • Published by
  • 15 - 10 - 2018
Office Automation / Unified Communications

Office Automation will change the way you do business.

  • Published by
  • 12 - 09 - 2018
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