Optimise business performance with cut-through cloud and telecommunications applications.

For easy reference, we’ve put together many questions we get frequently asked; covering a broad range of business-critical applications including;  Hosted PBX, 1300 Numbers, 1800 Numbers, Cloud Call Centre, VoIP, SMS, NBN Business Internet, Predictive Dialler, Unified Communications and Collaboration. Feel free to contact our Australian based team to discuss how best to optimise the performance of your business with Smartcom. Phone us: 1300 196 386 or email: info@smartcombusiness.com.


AI is essentially, intelligence demonstrated by machines. Gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver a better CX (Customer Experience) with Smartcom’s AI functions such as; Chat-Bots, Speech Recognition, Web-Chat and SMS-Chat.


Real-time customised contact data can be accessed via Smartcom Cloud to use in conjunction with cloud SaaS applications i.e.; dialler. Clients can also also gain data mining capabilities with Smartcom.

In addition to the data management capabilities of cloud applications such as the dialler, Smartcom cloud also has data mining capabilities to construct and optimise contact data.

Yes. Smartcom cloud applications such as the hosted PBX and cloud call centre can be integrated with any modern CRM software; including; Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, ORO, ZOHO and more. Typically, CRM integration is achieved via  an API or alternatively by ‘single click’ access.

Yes. Both new and incumbent cloud and onsite business applications can be configured used, and/or configured with  Smartcom’s hosted PBX or cloud call centre applications  – typically via an API or VPN connection.

Yes, Smartcom Cloud has a call recording function that has a sophisticated search window. The call recording function can also be configured to address PCI DSS compliance and hence facilitate credit card payments.

New users can be added with immediacy via online portal  screens. Likewise, the Smartcom Cloud infrastructure is designed cater for the ebbs and flows of business, enabling you to scale operations up and down as required, and in real-time.

Yes. Apple and Android devices can be used, as well as various network devices for IoT (Internet of Things) business applications.

13/1300/1800 Numbers

A 1300 Number is a 10-digit, national inbound phone number ie 1300 XXX XXX.

1300 Numbers can be used on all your marketing collateral as a single national number, and therefore expanding the reach of potential customers without the restriction of state-based prefixes ie; (02) for NSW. Callers also benefit from being  charged at local  call rates when using a landline. Above all, 1300 Numbers inherently provide businesses with the perception of being a larger company.

Add SmarterNumber features such as; Auto Attendant or VoIP Call Routing to a 1300 Number to deliver extraordinary CX (Customer Experience).

13 Numbers are six-digit national numbers (ie; 13 XX XX) with more or less the same functions as 1300 Numbers, with the key benefit of the shorter number inherently increasing customer recall. 13 Numbers are typically used by organisation with high call volumes. That said,  10-digit 1300 Numbers continue to be more widely used due to their cost effectiveness compared with 13 Numbers.

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1300 Numbers

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SmartTrak 1300#

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