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For easy reference, we’ve put together many questions we get frequently asked; covering a broad range of business-critical applications including;  Hosted PBX, Cloud Call Centre, VoIP, SMS, NBN Internet, SaaS, Predictive Dialler, Unified Communications, PaaS, IaaS, Collaboration, OmniChannel and 1300 numbers. Nevertheless, feel free to contact our Australian based team to discuss how best to optimise the performance of your business with Smartcom. Phone us: 1300 196 386 or email: info@smartcombusiness.com.

1800 Numbers are identical to 1300 Numbers; in that they are ten-digit, inbound national phone numbers. However, as opposed to 1300 Numbers, calls made to 1800 Numbers are free of charge for callers using a landline. 1800 Numbers are ideal for businesses that want to not only encourage callers to phone the organisation, they may also consider that an incurred cost may discourage people to call. Life or Death, or community type applications are typical users of 1800 Numbers.

Smartcom Phone Words are a powerful marketing tool that can be used with 13 Numbers, 1300 Numbers, and 1800 Numbers. Instead of advertising a phone number, businesses can use Phone Words with great effect by displaying a ‘Phone Word’ i.e.; 1300 SMARTI would correspond to numbers on a phone key pad – dialled as; 1300762 784.

Cloud SaaS – Office

Phone System

The Smartcom hosted PBX is a cloud-based, VoIP phone system that is accessed via the internet, rather than an installing equipment onsite. Key advantages include; No Capex with  a subscription OpEx price model; continuous software upgrades; scalability; flexible change management; and no need for IT staff to support the cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).

Nothing, a Hosted PBX, Cloud PBX or for that matter, a VoIP PBX are totally interchangeable terms i.e.; Smartcom’s Hosted PBX is a phone system hosted in the cloud with VoIP telecommunications.

Technical details aside, a PABX and a PBX are terms used to describe a phone system, whether they be a Hosted PBX or an onsite PBX.

Key advantages of a cloud PBX, or more commonly referred to as a Hosted PBX are ; No Capex with subscription OpEx price model; continuous software upgrades; scalability; flexible change management; and no need for IT staff to support the Hosted PBX system or VoIP telecommunications.

Firstly, a Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, VoIP PBX or even an Internet PBX are the exact same service – an off-premise phone system in the cloud. As the hosted PBX is in the cloud, you do not need to worry about phone lines to your site as they are connected to the cloud service and not your site. Therefore, all you need is a sufficient internet connection to access the hosted PBX.  (The size and type of internet service is dependent on the number of PBX phone extensions you require. That said, most internet connections are sufficient to run the VoIP, voice service through the PBX.

Cloud Auto-Attendants, or sometimes referred to as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a sophisticated and professional means of directing your customers to the right people and departments within your organisation, that can be in any location. Cloud Auto-Attendants also give callers the perception of a large organisation, in particular, if a professional voice over and on-hold messaging service is incorporated in the Auto-Attendant service.

Virtual Workplace

The Virtual Workplace and/or Virtual Salesforce delivers unprecedented mobility for organisations that have field staff. Not only does it; improve flexibility; save money on rent and provide operational transparency through a centralised dashboard, the CX is also enhanced, with field staff able to make calls and indeed send SMS via their mobile phone  displaying their personal mobile number to call recipients. The technical reality however, is that all calls and SMS carriage is via your businesses central phone system, and hence, no matter where your staff are when communicating with clients, your business has a complete audit trail of communications.

Local Virtual Numbers allow you to set up multiple virtual offices Australia wide, so you can increase your business’s footprint. Local Virtual Numbers also allow you to create a local presence in cities and states you don’t have physical infrastructure. Ultimately, Local Virtual Numbers encourage consumers to call your business by appealing to consumer segments looking for a local business, and hence cost effectively increasing your consumer base and ROI. Local numbers can be routed to a landline, mobile number, Call Routing Solution, or even to a Phone Answering Solution. Don’t let your business’s size, stop you from providing national coverage to your consumer base – look as big as you feel.

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