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For easy reference, we’ve put together many questions we get frequently asked; covering a broad range of business-critical applications including;  Hosted PBX, Cloud Call Centre, VoIP, SMS, NBN Internet, SaaS, Predictive Dialler, Unified Communications, PaaS, IaaS, Collaboration, OmniChannel and 1300 numbers. Nevertheless, feel free to contact our Australian based team to discuss how best to optimise the performance of your business with Smartcom. Phone us: 1300 196 386 or email: info@smartcombusiness.com.

Firstly, diallers have been subject to considerable generic jargon over the years – to the point of confusing the marketplace; and indeed, not all diallers are as smart as each other, nor are as they as scalable or flexible as each other. To simplify things, don’t get caught up in determining the difference between a predictive dialler, an auto dialler or simply a dialler – think of all dialler systems as being a ‘dialler’.

To assist further, Smartcom provides the following expert advice;

If your operation is less than 10 call centre staff, its best to look for efficiencies and not so much complex management of contact data lists – and this can be extended to 15 staff. However, once operations are greater than 15 staff, the focus shifts considerably to optimising and managing contact data lists, which is a significantly different skill-set to staff phoning numbers that pop-up in CRM screens.

In short, Smartcom makes it easy, as the versatility of our cloud dialler functions cater for operations of all sizes. What’s also critical information is that unlike some cloud diallers, the Smartcom cloud dialler allows you Change  dialler modes  to the discretion of your call centre manager; and what’s most important, is that the different dialler modes are dynamic; in that they can be changed without interruption to your operation.  Listed below are descriptions and recommendations for the different dialler modes.

Preview Dialler Mode & ‘Click to Diall’

‘Click to Dial’ is an efficient means of phoning customers from either your CRM screen or alternatively Smartcom software from desktops – with pop-up phone numbers that can clicked-on,once staff are ready to make a call. This application is particularly useful if staff need to review a customer account prior to phoning.

Predictive Dialler Mode

The Predictive Dialler mode does just that, the cloud dialler software algorithm ‘predict’ when the next available agent is available to receive a call. To be effective, predictive mode is recommended for call centres with 10+ agents in order to optimise the predictive dialling algorithm – as it provides statistical data to create a critical mass. The predictive dialler mode has a considerable impact on productivity; as it vets all non productive calls such as; voice mail; answering machines, busy, disconnected numbers and no answers. As the vetting is a back-end function, your contact centre staff are unaware of these events, and only deal with connected calls.

Power / Pre-Emptive Dialler Mode

Power Dialler mode is best used for outbound call centres with less than ten agents. Your operation will gain all the benefits of the predictive dialling mode, however, rather than the cloud dialler software algorithm determining when the next available agent is likely to be available, the agents themselves instruct the dialler that they have finished the previous call and ready to receive another call. With smaller agent numbers, this ensures that calls are sent to agents that are ready to accept a call.

Progressive Dialler Mode

Progressive Dialler mode is best used in call centre environments whereby after-call administration is consistency the same. In these environments, the call centre manager can determine the time needed for agents to complete paperwork after calls, and at this point a new call will pop-up in the agent’s screen to be answered.

Albeit diallers have been traditionally used to solicit new business, in the new business paradigm, diallers are increasingly being used as an efficient means of contacting existing customers for; contract renewals, up-selling, cross-selling and customer service calls.

Never miss a call with the Smartcom ACD (Automated Call Distribution). The ACD is a sophisticated inbound call management, queuing and call-back function for high call volumes; enabling your business to efficiently manage inbound calls. Typically, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ie; Push 1 for Sales etc,  is also used in conjunction with an ACD.

Push ‘1’ Sales, Push ‘2’ for Customer Service etc. The Smartcom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a sophisticated and professional means of directing your customers to the right people and departments within your organisation. Typically, an ACD (Automated Call Distribution) is used in conjunction with an IVR for businesses with high call volumes. Add Smartcom’s professional voice over and on-hold messaging service for even greater effect. Likewise, incorporate the Smartcom Answering Service and/or Virtual Workforce cloud service for even greater effect.

Absolutely. Smartcom Cloud Call Centre  is equally effective in an office environment. Our view is that all customer facing environments can benefit from the Smartcom Cloud Call Centre.

Outsourced Services

Yes of Course. Services include; 1) Answering Service and 2) Outsourced Call Centre services. The Answering Service is sold with 1300 numbers, whilst the call centre service can be a stand-alone service or an extension of cloud and telecommunications services already supplied by Smartcom.  Both services can incorporate the Smartcom Hosted PBX and/or Cloud Call Centre service, as well as VoIP and functions  such as ACD & IVR for a professional front-line.

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