Predictive Dialler improve business performance
August 7, 2020

Predictive Diallers are fast becoming an essential cloud service for post COVID 19 recovery..

Post COVID 19 recovery for many organisations will demand the use of a Predictive Dialler . This will be particularly true for companies that place an emphasis on securing their customer-base; and/or equally, generating new revenue.

Moreover, predictive diallers are fast becoming an essential cloud service for front-line, customer interaction in an increasingly competitive environment, as a result of companies being able to gain increased capability to engage with customers and prospects alike ahead of competitors.

With companies starved of revenue for an extended period, the post COVID 19 road to recovery will undoubtedly present many challenges for business leaders – none less important than having the means of securing and generating revenue in a highly cost-efficient and productive manner.

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Predictive Dialler

In short, call centre predictive dialler technology can give your organisation a competitive edge in what will invariably be a highly competitive environment post COVID19. In particular;

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Customer Retention
  3. Amazing Productivity of up to 300% from manual dialling
  4. Agent talk-time of up to 50 minutes per hour
  5. High Contact Rates with Customers and Prospects alike
  6. Complete Audit Trail of Customer-Facing Interactions
  7. Inherent updates of Contact Data

Drive Business Performance

The improved technological capabilities derived from using a predictive dialler can have a dramatic effect on business performance. in particular, businesses typically improve;

  1. Productivity
  2. Operational Efficiencies
  3. Cost-Efficiencies
  4. Agility
  5. Mobility
  6. Customer Engagement
  7. Operational Flexibility
  8. Scalability

On-Demand Diallers Improve Operational Flexibility & Scalability

Diallers such as the Smartcom’s on-demand dialler can provide businesses with incredible scalability and flexibility not readily available with less flexible cloud diallers. Likewise, the ability to dynamically make changes and/or scale and up or down with immediacy, can give a business a real edge over its competitors.

Flexible Price Models & Cost Savings

The good news for business leaders is that the introduction of a cloud predictive dialler to the business will not only provide a bolt of energy for a to productivity levels, the associated Opex price model enables businesses to efficiently manage the ebbs and flows of running outbound call centre activity.

Likewise, the productivity benefits of a predictive dialler can also provide businesses with the opportunity to reduce wages – as campaigns require fewer people to achieve performance levels.

Australian Support Services

The value of using cloud technology that is both developed and supported in Australia has been acutely evident during the COVID 19 crisis. In particular, upon consideration of the Australian technology companies that have invested in local support resources over the years. These companies were able to service their customers in the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic with deft – being able to more or less operate in a business as usual capacity. In contrast, tech companies with offshore resources were severely hamstrung as a result of closures to support operations in the Philippines and India.

Secure Communication Platforms

Importantly, security is of paramount importance when implementing a cloud-based predictive dialler on your IT network – in particular if staff are working from home. That said, it is a more or less a straight forward exercise to achieve.

Ease of Deployment

No matter the size of your operation, predictive diallers are business-critical technology. Its therefore important that its deployment incorporates a Scope of Works and Implementation Plan for business continuity purposes. The predictive dialler vendor and your IT support will need to collaborate in producing such documentation for a more or less seamless activation.

Enjoy use of the Latest Technology with Cloud Predictive Diallers

The use of cloud technology facilitates the on-going use of contemporary predictive dialler technology to further promote continuous improvement and an organisation’s competitiveness. Moreover, the superior capabilities of cloud-based diallers will invariably enable companies to better tackle intense competitor rivalry. Conversely, persevering with outdated, onsite technology may well be a liability as we move towards a more competitive environment.

The Wash

All things considered, organisations that equip themselves with contemporary communication platforms such as cloud predictive diallers, will have the greatest chance of succeeding in the foreseeable further – being a direct result of having the capacity to gain competitor advantage through highly efficient and effective operations.

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