Cloud Call Centre, Virtual Office & Hosted PBX,  VoIP, Unified Communications, Data & Internet throughout Australia.

From Start-Ups to Enterprise, our cloud and telecommunications are widely used across industry sectors. Match your strategy with Smartcom’s scalable and adaptable business-critical applications, and drive competitive advantage. Applications such as our Hosted PBX, Cloud Call Centre and Virtual Workplace are ideal for many operations. Likewise, our Telecommunications and Unified Communications such as VoIP, SMS and Internet services will give you the edge over your competitors.

Our ‘Off-the-Shelf’ offering is more often than not an immediate ‘fit’ for many organisations. Nonetheless, our cloud and telco services can also be customised to best suit your operation.


SmartcomCloud is widely used by companies across industry sectors;

Industry Sectors



Education & Training


Fundraising & Charities


Media & Direct Marketing




Banking & Lending


Emergency Services




Professional Services




Call Centre Bureaus


Finance & Investment


Health & Medical


Real Estate / Recruitment


Travel & Hospitality


Debt Collection


FMCG & Manufacturing




Retail & Franchises





Manufacturers | Motor Dealers | Finance
Office Phone, Car Servicing, Customer Surveys, Product Recall, Customer Service, Loan Payments, Digital Marketing

Customer Engagement | Virtual Workplace
Office Phone, Client Acquisition, Client Retention, Customer Service, Digital Channels, Compliance, Collections

Inbound | Outbound | Blended | OmniChannel | Virtual Workplace
Direct Sales, Customer Service, Lead Generation, FAQ, Appointment Setting, Outsourcing, Digital Channels

Agencies | In-House | Debt Consolidation
Contingent Debt, Purchased Debt, Accounts Receivable, Automated Payments, Notifications & Alerts, Skip Tracing, Compliance

Childcare | Independent and State Schools | Universities | Training Colleges
Office Phone, Enrolments, Attendance, Engagement & Wellness, Notifications & Alerts, Fee Payments

Scalable, Timely & Accurate
Office Phone, Notifications and Alerts, Crisis Management Call Centres, Virtual Workplace, Compliance

Customer Engagement | Virtual Workplace | Compliance
Office Phone, Property Investment, Financial Planning, Appointment Setting, Virtual Workplace, Notifications & Alerts

Donor Engagement & Compliance
Office Phone, Art Unions, Fundraising, Donations, Merchandising, Events, Compliance

Customer Engagement | Field Staff Virtual Workplace
Office Phone, Customer Service, Product Fulfillment, Product Recall, Promotions, Digital Channels, Accounts Receivable

Local | State | Federal | Political Parties | Managed Services
Office Phone, Customer Service, Notifications & Alerts, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Digital Channels, Compliance

Medical Centres | Pharmaceutical | Aged Care | Pathology
Office Phone, Auto Attendant, Reminders & Alerts, Product Fulfillment, Virtual Workplace, Product Recall, Compliance

Health | Motor | Home | Life | General | Business
Office Phone, Customer Service, New Policies, Claims, Renewals, Digital Channels, Compliance

Newspapers | Magazines | Radio | Television | Online
Office Phone, Subscriptions, Research / Surveys, Direct Response Marketing, Digital Channels, Contact Data, Customer Service

Law | Accountants | Consultants | Associations
Office Phone, Auto Attendant, Membership Subscriptions, Reminders and Alerts, Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, Compliance

Agencies | Property Investment | Associations
Office Phone, Reminders & Alerts, Virtual Salesforce, Digital Channels, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Compliance

Agencies | In-House
Office Phone, Auto Attendant, Reminders & Alerts, Casual Labour Alerts, Candidate Data Updates, Digital Channels, Compliance

Customer Engagement
Inbound Call Routing, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Dispatch & Fulfillment, Accounts Receivable, Digital Channels,
Reminders & Alerts

Customer Engagement | Support
Office Phone, Client Acquisition, Client Retention, Support Desk, Customer Service, Digital Channels, Outsourcing

Sole Traders | Contractors | Managed Services
Answering Service, Inbound Call Routing, Job Notifications, Appointment Setting, Digital Channels, Virtual Workplace, Customer Service

Travel Clubs | Hotels | Service Providers | Staffing | Airlines
Phone system with Reception, Inbound Call Routing, Digital Channels, Direct Sales, Customer Service, Customer Service

Gas | Water | Electricity | Solar | Telecommunications
Client Acquisition, Client Retention, Notifications and Alerts, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Customer Service, Compliance

For offices, call centres, and virtual workplaces

Engage with your customers in the most relevant, timely and efficient means across multiple channels, with Smartcom’s cloud and telecommunication services. Key functions include;

Cloud & Telco Services

Hosted Phone (PBX)


Inbound Call Management ACD, IVR & ASR.


Predictive Dialler
Click to Dial


Fully Blended Call Centre


PCI DSS Call Recording


Live Call Monitoring


OmniChannel Communications




Automated & Online Payments


CRM Software Integration




Auto Attendant


Virtual Workplace




Mobile SIM Cards




Smart Numbers


Broadband & Data


Digital Media


Smart Data


1300 Numbers | Gold Coast

1300 Numbers

VoIP | Gold Coast


Internet | Gold Coast


SMS | Gold Coast


NBN | Gold Coast


VoIP Phone System | Gold Coast

VoIP Phone System

Hosted PBX | Gold Coast

Hosted PBX

Dialler | Gold Coast


Auto Attendant | Gold Coast

Auto Attendant

Skype for Business | Gold Coast

Skype for Business

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