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Gain Extraordinary Capabilities & Mobility with Unified Communications & Office Automation. 

Hosted PBX

The Smartcom Hosted PBX is a cloud based phone system that is much more than a phone system – it has the capacity to automate services, drive performance and essentially change the way you do business.

Cloud PBX – Unified Communications

Smartcom’s Cisco and Microsoft Teams adds a new dimension to Hosted PBX technology – as it  delivers  incredible capabilities through Unified Communications (UCaaS) as a means of gaining competitive advantage. Drive customer engagement with Smartcom’s cloud-based Hosted PBX and Cloud Contact Centre service.  Gain efficiencies through its UCaaS integration of Microsoft Office 365 integration, with functions such as; Audio & Video Conferencing; Instant Messaging; Presence; Voice; Email, File Sharing etc. In addition, integrate the Cisco & Microsoft Teams PBX with Microsoft Outlook and CRM’s such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Auto Attendant

Gain the professionalism of large corporate organisations with the Smartcom Auto-Attendant. Impress customers with a professional greeting, and direct callers to the right place within your organisation by requesting them to press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service etc.

VoIP – Scalable, Flexible & Cost-Effective

Our business-grade VoIP will provide your business with; increased capability; and greater operational flexibility, scalability, and ‘speed to market’.

Reduce your Telco bill with lower Call Costs

Enjoy the volume-based cost benefits of a Smartcom business-grade VoIP. Office and inter-office calls are also free of charge.

ISDN End of Life

With ISDN being phased-out in the coming years, its time to modernise your office with IP telephony; either as a cloud service or with SIP enabled incumbent on-premise systems.

Australian Inbound 1300 Numbers & 1800 Numbers

Order your new 1300 or 1800 Number with Smartcom. We can also take care of porting existing numbers to your Smartcom Hosted PBX or cloud call centre for you to start saving on call costs asap!

Internet & Data

Smartcom Broadband not only provides a secure, high quality voice and data service, it also delivers significant savings on both call costs and line rental.

Broadband services include; symmetrical point to point fibre links; as well as business NBN 50/20 & NBN 100/40. Simply choose the the most cost-effective broadband service to suit your business requirements.

Business Internet

Leave the installation to Smartcom with our business-grade Internet services, with many point to point connections include a pre-configured Cisco CPE to accommodate pro-active monitoring and alert notifications.


Improve efficiencies and cut costs with Smart SMS. Configurations with the Smartcom Hosted PBX and/or cloud call centre service can automate your operation with SMS messages sent for applications such as Notifications & Alerts.

Virtual Workplace

If you have field staff, the Virtual Workplace and/or Virtual Salesforce delivers unprecedented mobility and flexibility! Above all, save money on overheads and rent, and enhance the Customer Experience (CX) with your field staff able to make calls and indeed send SMS with their personal mobile number displayed to call recipients.

Bundled Telco Services

Save costs with bundled VoIP call plans to best suit your business, including; Variable, and Capped VoIP Plans, and various Data Plan options. Save further by bundling VoIP, NBN Internet and 1300 numbers.

Business Continuity

Smartcom acknowledges that business continuity is essential in any business environment. Our cloud and telecommunications infrastructure therefore reflect the type of redundancy you would expect in a business-grade environment, in order for our clients to have peace of mind.

CRM Integration

Smartcom cloud services can be integrated with CRM software such as; Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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