Virtual workplace

‘Work from Anywhere’ with Mobility, Agility & Flexibility.

The Smartcom Virtual Workforce is ideal for businesses wanting to meet the challenges of a flexible workplace, whilst in the process, developing continuous improvement throughout the business.

The Virtual Workplace is a cloud-based service with extraordinary capabilities. Moreover, it enables businesses to challenge traditional business structures, and replace them with organic and highly responsive structures.

Service Excellence

As a cloud-based service that incorporates VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Unified Communications, the flexibility of the Virtual Workforce is paramount to service excellence. Moreover, gains in competitive advantage are achieved through enhancement of both the User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX).

Work from Home/Anywhere

Staff have access to the Virtual Workplace from any location ie; Head Office, Subsidiary Offices, Home Offices across Australia; plus Overseas Offices including Off-Shore Call Centres.

Virtual Workplace with any Device

Office staff, remote staff, field staff, @home staff, and staff overseas can all access the cloud-based, Hosted PBX & Virtual Workplac from an IP Handset, Mobile Phone (Apple or Android), or via any desktop environment – PC,  Laptop or MAC.

Peer to Peer Communication

In addition to individual recognition of communication mediums such as email and web-chat, the  Smartcom Virtual Workforce also displays individual caller ID’s for mobile voice and SMS for one to one communication.

Highly Flexible & Scalable

Gain unprecedented flexibility and scalability with the cloud-based, Smartcom Virtual Workplace. Moreover, the cloud service enables businesses to be better equipped to compete in today’s fast-pace and competitive marketplace. Furthermore, by moving your business to the Smartcom cloud, you will gain the technical and operational capability to respond to market demands ahead of your competitors.

Productivity Gains

Effective outcomes and efficiency gains are an inherent feature of the Virtual Workplace. Automation of menial tasks not only improves overall effectiveness, staff are free to engage in more challenging and beneficial tasks to achieve organisational objectives.

Incredible Cost Savings

Significant savings can be achieved upon implementation of the Virtualise Workplace cloud service. Cost Savings across multiple disciplines ie; Technology; Telecommunications; & Rent.

Savings can be achieved across the board, in relation to telecommunications. Firstly, VoIP offers cheaper phone call costs than traditional ISDN carriage. Likewise, there are significant savings to earn in the reduction of connections – with internet connectivity the only prerequisite to accessing the Virtual Workplace.

In addition, the flexible, modern day workplace doesn’t require a dedicated desk for each staff member, and as a result, organisations can re-think the office space needed to effectively run operations.

Operational Transparency via Central Monitoring & Reporting

Regardless of what device your staff are using at the time (including mobile), The Smartcom Virtual Workforce provides operational transparency of interactions between your staff and customers. Management have access to Call Recording and Performance Reports throughout, as well as Call Recording and SMS reports of individual mobile communications.

Cost-Efficient Subscription Model

The cost-efficient subscription model of the Virtual Workplace facilitates on-demand technical resources from a cloud environment – enabling efficient management of the ebbs and flows of day to day business with an OpEx price model.

Field Staff / Salesforce

If you have field staff, the Virtual Workplace and/or Virtual Salesforce delivers unprecedented mobility and flexibility!  Improve the Customer Experience (CX) with your field staff able to make calls and indeed send SMS with their personal mobile number displayed to call recipients. Above all, save costs on overheads and rent,

Extraordinary Customer Service

Above all, improve the overall Customer Experience (CX), having gained the extraordinary capabilities of the Virtual Workplace. Respond to the marketplace with both immediacy, and relevance. Communicate across the most effective and efficient communication channels and have your customers coming back for more.

Extraordinary Capabilities

Gain extraordinary capabilities with many functions available in the Virtual Workplace. Drive business performance, optimise revenue and engage with customers across multiple communication channels. Core functions include; Hosted PBX Phone System; Auto-Attendant, Call Recording, Cloud Contact Centre, Dialler, ACD & IVR; Virtual Reception, Payment Gateways, Unified and/or OmniChannel Communications, Performance Reports and more.

Unified Communications & OmniChannel Communications

Drive business performance, optimise revenue and engage with customers across multiple & unified communication channels; VoIP, SMS, Email, Chat, Online, Presence, File Sharing, Video Conferencing & Audio Conferencing. Moreover, enter a dialog with clients across preferred and appropriate communication channels with relevance, and in timely and accurate manner.

Business-Grade VoIP

Our business-grade VoIP is incorporated in the cloud service, and will provide your business with; increased capability; and unprecedented operational flexibility, scalability and immediacy.

Smart SMS

Improve efficiencies and cut costs with Smart SMS. Configurations with the Smartcom Hosted PBX and/or cloud call centre service can automate your operation with SMS messages sent for applications such as Notifications & Alerts.

Auto Attendant

Gain the professionalism of large corporate organisations with the Smartcom Auto-Attendant. Impress customers with a profession al greeting, and direct callers to the right place within your organisation by requesting them to push 1 for sales, push 2 for custom er service etc.

Australian Inbound 1300 & 1800 Numbers

Order your new 1300 or 1800 Number with Smartcom. We can also take care of porting existing numbers to your Smartcom Hosted PBX or cloud call centre for you to start saving on call costs asap!

Smart Call Routing

Gain operational efficiencies with any number of routing configurations can be incorporated in the Virtual Workplace – Skills-based, State &  Location Based; Caller Verification; Business Departments; Round Robin; After Hours; Time-Zone; Lead Generation Management; and Priority Queuing to name a few.

CRM Integration

Smartcom Cloud Call Centre can be integrated with CRM software such as; Salesforce and ZOHO.

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