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Cloud Phone System

Small Business to Enterprise

Gain extraordinary business capabilities with Smartcom’s cloud-based business phone system. Drive business performance and cut your telco costs in an increasingly competitive marketplace of constant change. Gain competitive advantage with an adaptive phone system that features; Hosted PBX, VoIP, Auto Attendant, Office & Mobile agility, MS Skype for Business & Teams…plus more. Improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness with Smartcom’s automated cloud services throughout your business ie; routing, reception, payments, lead generation, notifications, reminders, customer verification etc. Furthermore, optimised staff performance with high-capability customer-facing cloud services. Above all, drive your bottom-line performance with our highly flexible and scalable cloud services. read more...

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Cloud Call Centre | Gold Coast

Cloud Call Centre

Amazing Agility & Scalability

Gain competitive advantage with Smartcom’s adaptive cloud call centre SaaS (Software as a Service). Moreover, gain unprecedented customer engagement and respond to the marketplace ahead of your competitors with the Smartcom Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Cloud Call Centre; via Omni Channel & Unified Communications and VoIP - Inbound, Outbound & Blended. Communicate with customers across multiple channels and with greater relevance via DCX OmniChannel Communications. Communicate in a timely and accurate manner, improve productivity, and drive performance with the cloud DCX. Gain extraordinary flexibility and scalability with on-demand cloud call centre SaaS. Key features include; Inbound ACD, IVR & ASR, Dialler, Call Recording, Call Monitoring Performance Management Reports. Furthermore, communication mediums include; VoIP, SMS, Email, Voice Broadcasting and Chat. read more...

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Virtual Workplace | Gold Coast

Virtual Workplace

Work Anywhere | Office & Mobile

Turn your mobile phones into a business-grade phone system. Complete with Auto-Attendant, VoIP, ACD Inbound Call Management, Routing & Customisable Greetings, the Virtual Workplace is ideal for companies with field staff, face-to-face sales teams & Start-Ups. The cloud application delivers unprecedented mobility and agility whilst reducing overheads on technology, telco & rent. Enhance the Customer Experience (CX) with field staff able to make calls and send SMS with their personal mobile number displayed to the recipients. Key features of the Virtual Workplace include; OmniChannel & Unified Communications; Complex Call Routing; Virtual Phone Numbers; Hosted PBX; Call Recording; Virtual Receptionist; Voice-Mail to Email; and Messages On-Hold. read more...

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1300 Numbers

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VoIP Phone System

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