Debt Collection Cloud Contact Centre & Predictive Dialer.

Drive the performance of your debt collection operation with the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre. Widely used in the debt collection sector, SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre software gives debt collecting agencies a competitive edge. Moreover, a debt collection agency and indeed credit department, is able to improve collection rates as a result of the extensive features and flexibility of the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centres. (see cloud contact centre)

In addition, our Cloud Contact Centre is suitable for collection teams of any size (ie; a handful to hundreds of agents). Furthermore, SmartcomDCX is purpose built and ready-made for quality debt collection management in Australia.


Agile Cloud Contact Centre for Quality Debt Collection

Adaptive cloud contact centre software such as SmartcomDCX, is business critical technology for modern-day debt collection. Likewise, SmartcomDCX promotes debtor engagement in delivering the most relevant, timely & efficient communications across multiple channels.

Cloud Contact Centre: Inbound | Outbound | Fully Blended

Improve your operational capabilities and efficiencies with the highly flexible and scalable SmartcomDCX Cloud Call Centre application. Furthermore, improve productivity and collection rates via the sophisticated digital platform, that incorporates; Inbound Call Management, Outbound Predictive Dialler & Fully Blended capabilities. (see cloud contact centre)

Cloud Contact Centre: Core Features

The debt collection Cloud Contact Centre is designed to optimise debt collection with functions such as; 1) Fully Blended, (Seamless Inbound & Outbound); 2) Inbound Call Management ACD & IVR; 3) PCI DSS Call Recording; 4) Call Monitoring 5) Predictive Dialer; 6) Customised Agent Scripting 7) Customised Call Wrap-Ups; 8) Performance Management & Campaign Reports; 9) Inbound Queue Management Displays; 10) Supervisor Dashboard; 11) Call Centre Wallboard; 12) Crystal Clear VoIP; 13) Payment Gateways, 14) Unified Communications and more. (see cloud contact centre)

Cloud Contact Centre: Predictive Dialler

Increase productivity and improve collection rates with the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre predictive dialer. Moreover, optimise debt collection performance with dynamic dialler and campaign settings. (see predictive dialer plans)

Cloud Contact Centre: Predictive Dialer Increases Productivity 2-300%

Above all, experience productivity gains of 2-300% from manual dialing. Productivity gains are as a result of efficient vetting of non-productive calls by the dialer. For instance, disconnected numbers, voicemails and no-answers are not passed through to agents, with only ‘live pick-ups’  presented to agents. (see predictive dialer plans)

Cloud Contact Centre: Predictive Dialer: Three Dialler Modes

Furthermore, manage the velocity of outbound campaigns with three dialling modes at your disposal; Predictive; Progressive; and Preview. Moreover, optimise campaign management with the dynamic dialler function that facilitates real-time changes to dialling modes. (see predictive dialer plans)

Debt Collection Cloud Contact Centre: On-Demand Predictive Dialer

The Ready-to-Use, ‘On-Demand’ version of the Predictive Dialer is available at any time for debt collecting agencies to freely ultilise at any given time. For instance; 1) Work Overflow or 2) New Campaigns with a New Client.

Moreover, matched with flexible price models, the ‘On-Demand’ agility of the SmartcomDCX predictive dialer can be adeptly used to your advantage as a result of having the means to deploy staff and technical resources as required, whilst also eliminating cost wastage. (see predictive dialer plans)

Gain Competitive Advantage with the Debt Collection Cloud Contact Centre

All things considered, the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre can have a dramatic, and immediate effect on the effectiveness of debt collecting agencies across critical business disciplines;

  1. Increase Collections
  2. Cost Improvements
  3. Improve Profitability
  4. Corporate Governance

Improve Business Performance 

Furthermore, below is a snapshot of the advantages the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre can bring to debt collecting agencies;

  1. Predictive Dialler delivers productivity gains of 2-300% over manual dialling
  2. Consistency in Agent Dialog via the Scripting function
  3. Improved Individual & Company Performance via KPI management
  4. Corporate Governance via; PCI DSS Call Recording; ‘Call Attempts’ Management; Contact Data Management etc
  5. Compliance of ACCC & ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines, ACDBA Code of Practice
  6. Continuous Updates of Debtor Contact Data
  7. Early Engagement Debt Processes
  8. Operational Transparency via a Supervisor Dashboard, incorporating; Campaign Management, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Performance Reports & Inbound Queue Management
  9. Productive & Efficient Call Handling
  10. Efficient Low-Value Debt Management via Payment Gateways
  11. Efficient High-End Debt Management

Industry Sectors

The SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre is designed for credit departments across the spectrum, as well as debt collecting agencies with clients in industry sectors such as; Utilities, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, Government etc. (see cloud contact centre)



Purchased Debt

Most importantly, an enterprise-grade predictive dialler such as the SmartcomDCX dialer is a prerequisite to optimise the potential earnings from a book. Moreover, the dialler’s capbility to efficiently dial through ledgers to make contact debtors with regulatory compliance is essential.

Furthermore, when operating in fully-blended mode, inbound calls are prioritised to take immediate payments; either by an agent, or alternatively via an automated payment gateway.

In addition, an electronic audit trail of debtor interactions provides both evidence and reinforcement of ‘best practice’ activities across your operation.

Ageing & Contingency Debt 

The SmartcomDCX predictive dialer is a contemporary software application that provides debt collecting agencies with an effective means of managing the many nuances associated with the recovering debt. Moreover, with the aid of scripting, call centre agents are able to engage with debtors with a consistent dialog. Likewise, agents are better equipped to determine the ability and willingness of debtors to pay outstanding amounts; whilst also equipped to consider the potential of financial hardship.

Early Engagement Debt 

As we emerge from the height of COVID 19, its evident that an increasing number of businesses are wanting to work more closely with a debt collection agency to facilitate Early Engagement debt.

Nonetheless, managing Early Engagement debt on any scale requires process-driven collaboration in order to update debtor contac data from debt collecting agencies – to their client’s CRM’s; as a consequence of payments received during the course of the day to either the debt collection agency or with the client credit team. As a result of this requirement, the SmartcomDCX Predictive Dialler is able to efficiently manage the above, and hence ideal for managing Early Engagement debt. (see predictive dialer plans)

Skip Tracing

Preview dialling or ‘click to dial’ is ideal for skip tracing. Agents search for individuals, and when appropriate, make calls via the Cloud Contact Centre software. In addition, as calls are made via the agent interface, a debt collection agency is able to maintain an audit trail of events; including PCI DSS call recording.

Consistent ‘To Market’ Strategies

Importantly, the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre provides organisations the ability to ‘go to market’ with consistency, compliance, and operational transparency; as a result of functions such as the Predictive Dialler, Inbounnd Call Management ACD & IVR, Call Monitoring, Scripting, Call Wrap-Ups, PCI DSS Call Recording and Performance Management Reports. (see cloud contact centre)

1300 Numbers & 1800 Numbers – Go National Australia

Improve payment rates with a single point-of-call throughout Australia by simply configuring  1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers to the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre. (see 1300 Number plans)

SmartTrak 1300 Numbers – Inbound Call Tracking

Incorporating a clever mix of software & telecommunications, Dynamic Call Tracking extends your management team’s insight into calls made to 1300 Numbers or 1800 Numbers. (see 1300 Number plans)

Business Continuity 

When it comes to contact centres, business continuity is paramount. As a result, the Cloud Contact Centre infrastructure of the SmartcomDCX platform incorporates multi-layered redundancy across data centres, computer processing and telecommunications.     

Business Internet

Smartcom offers business grade internet to compliment our quality Cloud Contact Centre services. See our: (see Business Internet plans)

High-Volume Call Rates – Outbound VoIP & 1300 Numbers

Slash your telco bill with our high-volume call plans for call centres. Moreover , high-volume call rates are available for both outbound VoIP and inbound 1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers. (see 1300 Number plans)

Debt Collection Cloud Contact Centre Software Integration

Engage with relevance, and in a timely and accurate manner as a consequence of CRM integration. Further, improve operational effciencies by integrating SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre with your collections software such as; Collexus, Debtcol, collect Debtrak etc, or CRM’s such as; Salesforce , ZOHO and Microsoft Dynamics etc via API or Webhooks. Moreover, integration is a straight forward and timely excercise with the use of API’s or Webhooks.

Work from Home / Work from Anywhere

Promote an agile and mobilised workforce with the SmartcomDCX Cloud Call Centre. Furthermore, SmartcomDCX not only promotes an agile workplace, it is also able to cater for adhoc social distancing requirements and ‘Work from Home’ staff.


The SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre technology facilitates many regulatory and compliance related processes as standard procedure. As a result, you’ll have the capacity to meet the changing requirements of the debt collection code and other legislative requirements such as; Telecommunications Act, Privacy Act, PCI DSS, ACMA, ASIC and ACCC.

Australian Based Support

Our Service Desk personnel and system architects are all based in Australia. As a result, Smartcom is able to respond to the marketplace in a skilled and efficient manner. In addition, there is no requirement to escalate support tickets to either offshore call centres or overseas R&D staff.

Australian-Made Cloud Call Centre

SmartcomDCX is made for Australian conditions and hence our legislative environment. Moreover Australian-Made is most certainly not a ‘nice to have’ or a call for patriotism. Instead, Australian-Made translates to the delivery of responsive support services and business continuity. (see cloud contact centre)

SmartcomDCX & Offshore Operations

Collection agencies and credit departments alike, gain absolute transparency of offshore call centre operations  as a result of integrating the SmartcomDCX application, with your operations in Australia or offshore.

Cloud Call Centre & Office Hosted PBX in One

The diversity of SmartcomDCX enables the Hosted PBX component of the Cloud Call Centre to also be used as your phone system. As a result, businesses gain a cost-efficient, business-grade cloud based phone system for the office. (see business phone system)

Operational Transparency

Regardless of the location of your staff and management team, you have full transparency of operations via the management dashboard. For instance, management can quickly assess operational performance across disciplines, such as; Inbound & Outbound Call Status & Volumes; and Campaign & Agent Performance. In addition, management can monitor and measure performance via; Call Recording; Call Monitoring; and extensive Campaign and Call Reports.

Likewise, debt collection agencies and credit teams have the capacity to update debtor contact data with efficiency via integration with CRM or collections software.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Increase the quality, ‘speed of service’ and efficiency of your call centre, whilst lowering operational costs with WFM software;  as a result of functions such as; Rostering; Timesheets; Intraday; Scheduling; and Workforce Performance.

Collection Agencies Gain Marketshare with Cloud Contact Centre

Collection agencies and credit departments that use contemporary cloud contact centre and predictive dialler technology will unquestionably gain ‘poll position’ in the pursuit of payments  in a post Covid19 economy.

Likewise, collection agencies that adopt cloud contact centre dialler technology will also be well positioned to acquire new clients, as a result of their ability to deliver high productivity levels and superior contact rates. Further, with productivity of 200-300% greater than manual calling, ‘dialler enabled’ debt collection agencies will inherently gain a competitive edge over rivals.

On-demand diallers in particular, provide collection agencies with the capacity to both fend off rivals and pitch for new business (including responding to tendors);  as a result of having superior capabilities and agility. (see cloud contact centre)

Cloud Contact Centre & Covid19 Response

As Australia emerges from a debilitating COVID 19 recession, the accumulated debt, coupled with a decline in revenue will most likely expose many organisations to unprecedented risk. As a result, the Cloud Contact Centre provides business leaders with an effective means of collecting debt in these extraordinary times.

Ease of  Deployment

In short, the SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre is deployed with thorough project management and most importantly, without interuption to your business. As a result, collection agencies and credit department are able to gain a competitive edge sooner than later. (see cloud contact centre)

To Learn more about SmartcomDCX Cloud Contact Centre and predictive or phone: 1300 196 386.



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