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Gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace with business-grade telecommunications from Smartcom. Conduct business over the phone, with our crystal clear VoIP service anywhere in Australia. Likewise, Unified Communications (UC) services such as SMS can be effectively used to communicate across a number of business-critical applications. Suitable for both contact centres and offices alike, our telco services are available throughout Australia; and indeed, globally. Furthermore, you can use our VoIP services with SIP enabled incumbent ICT infrastructure; or alternatively VoIP, broadband, UC and data etc can be incorporated with our Hosted PBX and Cloud Call Centre services.

Whether it’s a new venture or an established company, you can entrust one of the leading business internet providers in Australia.



VoIP Services – Scalable, Flexible & Cost Efficient

Our business-grade VoIP will provide your company with; increased capability; and greater operational flexibility, scalability, and ‘speed to market’.

Reduce your Telco bill with lower Call Costs

Enjoy the volume-based cost benefits of a Smartcom business-grade VoIP services throughout Australia. Office and inter-office calls are also free of charge.

ISDN End of Life

With ISDN being phased-out in the coming years, its time to modernise your office with IP telephony, either as a cloud service or with SIP enabled incumbent on-premise systems.

Australian Inbound 1300 & 1800 Numbers

Order your new 1300 or 1800 Number with Smartcom. We can also take care of porting existing numbers to your Smartcom Hosted PBX or cloud call centre for you to start saving on call costs asap!

Internet & Data

Smartcom Broadband not only provides a secure, high quality voice and data service, it also delivers significant savings on both call costs and line rental.

Broadband services include; point to point fibre links, NBN, ADSL, EOC, etc. Simply choose the the most cost-effective broadband service to suit your business requirements. Likewise, data packs are available from 100Gb to unlimited.

NBN Enabled

Smartcom Cloud and telecommunications services are ready to use in areas that are connected to the NBN.

Business Internet Service

Leave the installation to Smartcom with our business-grade Broadband service, with many point to point connections include a pre-configured Cisco CPE to accommodate pro-active monitoring and alert notifications.

Smart SMS

Any number of configurations can be set-up with Smartcom Cloud services to automate SMS notifications and alerts. Likewise, integrate SMS with the Hosted PBX and cloud call centre functions such as; Dialler, Auto Attendant, Virtual Workforce and Virtual Salesforce.

IaaS and PaaS

The scalability of Smartcom’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides incredible flexibility in the provision of automated computer resources. Further, the client portal enables your IT staff to monitor performance and upgrade the IaaS as required.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) on the other hand gives your IT developers the flexibility to build and create customised applications, with all servers, storage, and networking managed by Smartcom in secure data centres.

Bundled Telco Services

Save costs with affordable plans for high-speed internet and phone bundles to best suit your business, including; Variable, and Capped Voice Plans, and various Data Plan options. Save further by bundling VoIP, broadband and 1300 numbers.

Business Continuity

Smartcom acknowledges that business continuity is essential in any business environment. Our cloud and telecommunications infrastructure therefore reflect the type of redundancy you would expect in a business-grade environment, in order for our clients to have peace of mind.

SIM Cards

BYO SIM Card and SAVE! Our mobile SIM Card plans on Tier 1 Networks are made for business! Benefit from pooled data across users and Save! We can either port your existing number/s or issue new numbers to get you started.

Reap the rewards with Smartcom;

Smartcom Telecommunications

Reduce Call Costs

Reduce Line Rental Costs

Free On-Net Calls

Smart Routing

Unlimited #Lines*

Quick Deployment
of Lines

Multi-Site Fail-Over

IP Handsets & Softphone Capability

Bundled Call Plans

Retain Existing Phone Numbers

Unified Communications

Smartcom Cloud Access

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Usage & Performance Reports

Virtualised Communication

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