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July 29, 2020

Predictive Dialler Australia Made for Business Continuity

Front-line call centre activities will be pivotal to the success of many businesses in Australia as we emerge from the COVID-19 recession. In meeting the challenges ahead, companies that adopt agile predictive dialler technology that is both an Australian made product, with or without a logo, and supported in Australia by senior technicians, are most likely to experience a level of versatility not typically available in the cloud contact centre space. In particular, in the event of another serious outbreak of COVID 19, whereby in the height of COVID 19, the benefits of adopting an Australian vendor vere made very apparent.

Australia Made Predictive Dialler Software

Albeit the global marketplace shares many traits, consumer behaviour and legislative requirements are unique to each country, with Australia being no exception. This being the case, Australia made predictive dialler and cloud call centre technology is more often than not delivered as a turn-key offering.

Australia Made Predictive Dialler changes Business

As with a lot of things, Australian companies are often at the forefront of  ingenuity. On-demand predictive diallers are no exception, with vendors such as Smartcom taking Australian Made cloud services to market throughout Australia.

A clear advantage of an on-demand predictive dialler is that the cloud-based applications enable businesses to quickly align human and technological resources with operational goals. In short, companies that gain access to this type of advanced predictive dialler technology, are able to benefit from its flexible price model. As a result, organisations gain the capacity of having sufficient technological resources for the number of staff working on any given day. This is regardless of headcount fluctuations and location of staff.

Furthermore, on-demand predictive diallers eliminate the need for management to both ‘’naval gaze’’ and wait for delivery of customer-facing technology and telecommunications. Moreover, the associated ‘Pay as you Go’ price model cuts wastage across the spectrum; and is thereby highly effective and cost efficient.

Client Acquisition & Retention

Armed with advanced capabilities, call centres that are able to exploit on-demand predictive diallers, are able to not only efficiently manage customer-facing activities, but more to the point, are able to efficiently solicit the marketplace for new customers, as well as nurture client relationships on scale.

Speed to Market

As consumer demands and competitor rivalry intensifies, ‘Speed to Market’ capabilities are becoming increasingly important. As a result, call centres that are equipped with on-demand capabilities are likely to be better positioned to respond to marketplace demands with precision and immediacy. Likewise, on-demand also provides organisations with the capability to reach-out to customers ahead of their competitors.

On-Demand, Self-Service Predictive Dialler 

On-Demand services such as the SmartcomCloud Call Centre and Predictive Dialler provide organisations with; commercial, operational and technical versatility; in that it delivers quality cloud applications as, and when required.

Operate with 100 agents today, 50 the next, and 150 the following day – whatever your business demands require – and you pay for only the services you use each month – as against the predicted figure presented to the vendor at the start of each month.

In addition, further efficiencies can be derived from the self-serve customer portal, that enables managers to order Cloud Call Centre and Predictive Dialler services, as well as telecommunications in real-time.

Moreover, both inbound and outbound customer-facing activities will undoubtedly provide businesses with a significant means of gaining a competitive edge over rivals.

Key Functions of an Australia Made Predictive Dialler

Importantly, the versality of ‘on-demand’ needn’t compromise call centre functionality? Key functionality to expect include;

  1. Inbound, Outbound & Blended environment
  2. Inbound Call Management with ACD & IVR
  3. Unlimited Phone Lines
  4. Predictive Dialler with 3 dial modes
  5. PCI DSS Call Recording
  6. Live Call Monitoring
  7. Agent Scripting
  8. Agent Call Wrap-Ups
  9. Sophisticated, Real-Time Reports
  10. Supervisor Dashboard
  11. Call Centre Wallboard
  12. CRM Integration
  13. Self-Service Portal
  14. Automated & Scheduled Call-Backs


Reliability doesn’t come by chance. Rather, it is the result of a significant investment in the cloud infrastructure as listed below;

  1. Multi-Layered Cloud Infrastructure with Redundancy
  2. Multiple VoIP Providers with Redundancy’
  3. Multiple Data Centres with Fail-Over
  4. Proprietary Software with Regular Software Upgrades
  5. Local Technical Support

A Predictive Dialer significantly improves Performance

The ability to engage with customers in an accurate, timely and in a consistent manner is fast becoming ‘business critical’. Furthermore, generating growth by firstly securing your customer-base and secondly through client acquisition is a business imperative. In particular, in these challenging times.

Companies that equip their customer-facing teams with advanced cloud predictive dialler technology that has on-demand capabilities, are likely to also gain the capacity to better deal with the ebbs and flows of both BAU and uncertainty.

Adoption of an On-Demand Australia made Predictive Dialler is therefore likely to provide organisations with extraordinary capabilities that will hold them in good stead in an increasingly changing environment.

Gain Competitive Advantage with Australian-Made

Furthermore,Australia-Made predictive dialler and cloud contact centre applications are able to deliver real value ahead of overseas vendors. The evidence of this was none more apparent than during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic; whereby vendors of Australian made products, were a glowing light in regard to customer service and support services. Moreover, they proved their worth, in having the capacity to deliver customer engagement in a timely and accurate manner.

In addition, predictive dialler and cloud call centre technology vendors based in Australia made easy work of delivering competitive advantage through several many elements such as;

  1. Cloud Dialler and Cloud Contact Centre software that is Australian-made and hence built for the marketplace in Australia
  2. Continuous Software Upgrades & Customisation to suit Australian conditions
  3. Affordability & Flexible Price Models
  4. Quality VoIP & Telecommunications
  5. Low Call Rates & Message Rates
  6. Rapid Response Australian Support
  7. Multiple Touch-Point Vendor Engagement with Senior Technology and Business Executives
  8. Ease of Adoption of Cloud Contact Centre & Predictive Dialer Services
  9. On-Demand Predictive Dialler
  10. Self-Service Cloud Contact Centre & Predictive Dialler Applications
  11. Business Continuity as a result of;
    • Quality Cloud Services
    • Australian-based Cloud Infrastructure & VoIP
    • Australian Support Services

Slash ICT Costs with Australia Made Predictive Dialler

Cut your telco costs with a small business VoIP phone system that incorporates VoIP as part of the cloud service. Likewise, the support services that come with a cloud predictive dialler will essentially eliminate the need for in-house, IT support services beyond LAN related IT ie; PC’s, printers, IT network etc.

Business Continuity for your Business’ Engine Room

Continuity is paramount when it comes to business-critical contact centre applications. After all, your call centre is the ‘’engine room’’ of both client acquisition and retention.

Business continuity imperatives include;

  1. Multi-layered cloud infrastructure with redundancy to ensure sustained stability and crystal clear voice delivered by;
    1. Tier 3 or 4 Data Centres
    2. Tier 1 VoIP provision
    3. Sufficient cloud infrastructure and software resources to facilitate scalability across many sites.
  2. Proprietary software (as against call centre software and diallers built on open-source software or a reseller of a foreign vendor) that ultimately provides a means of facilitating;
    1. A broad knowledge-base across support staff
    2. The capacity to efficiently investigate and resolve technical issues that may arise as a result of the ebbs and flows of running a call centre.
    3. Contemporary software status as a direct outcome of continuous software upgrades to meet the demands of the Australian marketplace.
  3. Local Technical Support Service Desk with Level 1 & 2 support
  4. Rapid Response & Adept Technical Support personnel
  5. Logical, process driven, Account Management

Affordability & Flexible Price Models

Vendors of Australian-Made call centre cloud products and predictive dialler technology tend to have cost advantage over foreign vendors; resulting in quality cloud services delivered at an affordable price.

 CRM Integration Improves Efficiencies

CRM integration with call centre software is vitally important for many organisations. Webhooks and APIs are now widely used to achieve such integrations – and as a result typically incur a relatively straight forward exercise.

Secure Communication Platform

IT security is paramount for contact centres in Australia.  Therefore, above all else, the number one priority for cloud infrastructure is for the data centres to be located in Australia. In addition, only local telecommunication carriers should be used, and likewise, the Service Desk should be also be based in Australia for quality service and added security.

Front-line call centre activities will be pivotal to the success of many businesses in Australia as we emerge from the COVID-19 recession. In meeting the challenges ahead, companies that adopt on-demand cloud call centre & predictive diallers will experience a level of versatility not available with traditional call centre software.

Moreover, both inbound and outbound customer-facing activities will undoubtedly provide businesses with a significant means of gaining a competitive edge over rivals.

Continuous Upgrades   

In addition to providing clients with increased capabilities, regular software upgrades by Australian-based vendors, more or less guarantees that the local regulatory requirements are continously met. Likewise, the Australian-made Predictive Diallers are as you would expect, built for conditions in Australia.

Australian Support Services

Its evident from the COVID 19 outbreak, that technology companies with offshore support resources were severely hamstrung as a result of closures to their Philippines and/or India operations.

In contrast, Australian tech companies that have developed, and indeed supported their Australian made products, have more or less been able operate in a business as usual capacity.

As a result, high value should be placed on cloud predictive vendors that have skilled support resources based in Australia.

Rapid Response Australian Support

In order to get full value from Australian made products, its important for cloud call centre and predictive dialler applications to be supported in Australia, with a locally based technical support desk – and most certainly not off-shore operations.

Testament to the above, was none more apparent than during the height of the COVID 19 crisis; whereby the over-night closure of overseas call centres lead to many foreign-owned ICT companies (and for that matter, Australian made products that had shifted support services off-shore) struggled to properly service accounts, and hence unable to respond to client requirements in a timely and accurate manner. Conversely, albeit Australian based support teams were under the pump, the general consensus is that they coped well under extreme pressure.

Ease of Adoption of Australia Made Predictive Dialler

The good news for business leaders, is that once requirements are fully-scoped, Australian made products including cloud contact centre and predictive dialler applications can be activated with immediacy by skilled technicians based in Australia.

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Australia Made Predictive Dialer 

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