Predictive Dialler Customer Acquisition Strategy
May 27, 2020

Predictive Dialler: Acquire & Retain Customers

The increased popularity of cloud-based predictive dialler technology relates to the extraordinary productivity gains that can be achieved across both a customer retention and customer acquisition strategy cost. This is increasingly relevant in a challenging marketplace.

The effects of COVID 19 have not only mandated a country-wide review of P&L’s and financial forecasts; non-financial elements have also been placed high on the agenda for many business leaders. In particular; 1) Supply Chain Quality & Reliability, 2) Product Adaptability & Relevance, and 3) Customer Relationship Management.

A Predictive Dialler increases Customer Acquisition 

Whereas a review of supply chains and ‘to-market’ strategies will no doubt serve companies well post-COVID 19, quality customer relationships are paramount at any given time. Dedicating time with customers during the COVID 19 pandemic will no doubt position companies to develop enriched relationships that withstand the test of time. Moreover, authentic engagement during an economic lull can provide both short and long-term gains. Such engagement is likely to steer businesses through the current maze of uncertainty – attributing to growth thereafter.

Furthermore, a genuine appreciation of a customer’s circumstances during the crisis can build long-lasting trust and empathy.

Intense Competitor Rivalry 

In pursuit of delivering value in the increasingly competitive marketplace ahead of us, business leaders will need to find ways to sustain constant contact with customers. Likewise, companies will want to communicate with customers and prospects ahead of their competitors.

The challenge for many businesses is having the capacity to contact customers in a timely and accurate manner. In doing so, it is also important for businesses to have the ability to monitor and measure customer engagement.

Furthermore, with businesses starved of new revenue for an extended period, soliciting new businesses post-COVID 19 will invariably be highly competitive. Businesses will therefore need the tools to simultaneously talk to as many clients as possible.

Further, business leaders will need tools such as a predictive dialler to manage the cost of customer acquisition.

Predictive Dialler Applications are Cut-Through Technology for Customer Acquisition & Retention

Sophisticated call centre software gives businesses the ability to efficiently interact with customers via Unified or Omnichannel Communications.

Mediums such as email and SMS can be highly effective in reaching large audiences in a timely manner. That said, cloud-based Predictive Diallers give businesses the ability to work through large customer databases with more personal engagement.

However, predictive dialler capabilities are often not included in many cloud-based call centre software offerings. ‘Click to Dial’ is often a limitation of such software; which albeit a consideration, it can only marginally improve productivity.

Optimise Customer Acquisition Strategies Predictive Dialler Applications

Predictive dialler applications provide organisations with the capacity to proactively and efficiently execute a customer acquisition strategy and thereby contact customers in a highly comprehensive manner. Moreover, diallers can deliver productivity gains of up to 300% from manual dialling.

Quality predictive diallers also enable businesses to measure performance via extensive Management Reports and Call Recording.

Likewise, flexibility and scalability is a key feature of a quality cloud predictive dialler. Whether used on a daily basis or as an on-demand cloud service; predictive diallers cater for both proactive and reactive activities. For instance, specific campaigns can be run for any number of business applications; as well as assigning any number of staff as and when required.

Competitive advantage can also be gained with diallers that incorporate ‘Work from Anywhere’ capabilities ie; Call Centre and Home.

Predictive Dialler Applications are Ideal Technology for Customer Retention Strategies

The nuances and engagement associated with a phone call can in many cases cut-through the communications ‘clutter’. Applications include; Customer Service, Renewals, Subscriptions, SLA Management, Accounts Receivable, Collections etc.

Drive Revenue Growth with a Predictive Dialler

Predictive Diallers are a highly effective tool for customer acquisition and retention strategies and the cost . Moreover, diallers can be equally effective when used in both tough times like the present, or in pursuit of marketshare in better times.

Key Attributes of a Predictive Dialler

Not all predictive diallers are equal, and like anything, you generally get what you pay for.  Technology aside, it’s best practice to use an Australian-based vendor that demonstrates knowledge of your sector. As a result, they will have the capacity of matching business practices with the dialler and thereby optimise your operation.

Reliability is paramount. Therefore, Australian-based cloud and VoIP infrastructure that incorporates multiple layers of redundancy are considered a prerequisite.

Dialler functions to look for include; 1. Multi-Dialler Modes, 2. PCI DSS Call Recording 3. Supervisor Dashboard with extensive real-time and historical reporting 4. Answering Machine Detection 5. Customisable Agent Scripts 6. Customisable Wrap-Up codes, and 7. Remote Access capability.

Australian Support

COVID 19 has demonstrated the value of Australian-based support teams to deliver quality support in both a crisis or ‘business as usual’.

Australian Made

The effects of the COVID 19 phenomenon have also highlighted that Australian designed services can add considerable value in supporting cloud services. Moreover, sustained competitive advantage can also be achieved, as Australian-made products don’t have a requirement to escalate tickets to non-existent overseas service desks.

Customer Database Enhancement

A bi-product of using a predictive dialler, is that companies have the opportunity to update customer databases and reduce the cost of a customer acquisition strategy. This can have a direct impact on improving customer retention and acquisition campaigns on an on-going basis.

Easy Adoption

The ability to engage with customers in an accurate, timely, and consistent manner is fast becoming a ‘business imperative’. Likewise, securing a customer-base (acquisition & retention) in challenging times is paramount. Moreover, in uncertain times, the capability and flexibility of a Predictive Dialler can add enormous value to an organisation whilst implementing a customer acquisitions strategy. The ability to deliver immediate communication with talk-time of around 45 to 50 minutes every hour can put you ahead of your competitors.

The good news for business leaders is that cloud-based predictive diallers can be activated with immediacy. Likewise, quality diallers can be activated as either a stand-alone cloud service or used in conjunction with necessary call centre software.

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