July 17, 2018

ISDN ‘end of life’ will impact your business…and its good news.

ISDN Disconnection commences June 2019. VoIP is now an essential service.

If there weren’t already enough reasons to transition to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telstra has officially announced the de-commissioning of ISDN will commence June 2019.

In short, with the advent and growth of fibre networks (including NBN) in Australia over recent years, ISDN is now considered dated technology.

Migrating to a web-based, SIP & VoIP Environment

The transition to a web-based environment is essentially replacing ISDN lines with SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunks, and for Voice & Data to be carried over the Internet. Put in the hands of skilled technicians with meticulous in project management, the migration to VoIP should be a good experience with no operational downtime.

Moreover, the transition to VoIP should provide businesses with commercially favourable outcomes across the board, with the multi-media capabilities of SIP, increasing an organisation’s ability to communicate with greater potency. Furthermore, VoIP offers a level of scalability and flexibility just not possible with ISDN. As a rule of thumb, organisations should also expect significant cost savings with the introduction of VoIP, in both cheaper calls and lower line rental.

Business are easily justified in their excitement in transitioning to VoIP; as it not only has the capacity to increase an organisation’s competitiveness, significant costs can also be taken out of a business having introduced VoIP.

In addition, various cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) applications such as; Hosted PBX; Call Centre as a Service (CCaaS); Virtual Workplace; Virtual Reception etc, also utilise VoIP, and hence, can further enhance an organisations capacity to gain competitive advantage.

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Telstra’s ISDN De-Commissioning Timeline

Telstra is the custodian of ISDN technology. In other words Telstra controls the supply and up-keep of the copper network for all telecommunication vendors. The timeline set-out by Telstra to de-commission ISDN is as follows;

30 June 2018 Telstra cease selling new or modified ISDN services.

June 2019 – Telstra commence disconnecting existing ISDN services

2022 – Telstra will not supply, nor support  ISDN, namely; ISDN2/10/20/30, DDS Fastway, Megalink and Frame Relay services.

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