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July 17, 2018

Cloud & SIP technology set to Change the Way Business is Done.

Cloud & SIP technology is set to change the way business is done. Moreover, Telstra’s announcement to de-commission ISDN as of June 2019, will no doubt be a catalyst for change for many organisations. Change that is significantly greater, than a simple shift of technologies. Instead, the extended capabilities of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), will invariably cause many businesses to re-think their ‘go-to-market’ strategies; in delivering greater potency.

Albeit incremental, this is a forced change. You can no longer buy new ISDN lines, and by 2022, ISDN will not exist. That aside, the upside of a web-based environment with endless Cloud & SIP technology applications is immense.

For clarity, VoIP is a means making and receiving phone calls over the internet. SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is a signally application layer used to establish and terminated multi-media sessions, such as phone calls and video. Hence, Cloud & SIP technology go hand in hand, and conversely cloud SIP providers inherently become redundant.

Businesses that fully embrace change; and thereby adopt a contemporary web-based environment are most likely to enjoy the spoils of the new communications paradigm, if for no other reason, that  these companies will have positioned themselves to adopt to new technologies as continuous improvement and more or less ‘Business as Usual’. In contrast, organisations not embracing change of Cloud & SIP technology with vigor, are likely to perpetually deliberate the merits of change to their determinant.

VoIP has significant technological advantage over ISDN, and as a result, VoIP has the potential to improve performance across business disciplines. Regardless of whether VoIP is configured to an onsite IP PBX or supplied with cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) applications such as; a Hosted PBX; Call Centre as a Service (CCaaS); Virtual Workplace; Virtual Reception etc, Cloud & SIP technology therefore has immense capacity to present organisations with a means of gaining competitive advantage.

Above all, VoIP’s inherent value is significantly greater than simply a technology replacement to ISDN. Indeed, the unprecedented flexibility and scalability of VoIP, can present a massive upside. In particular, in regard to Cloud & SIP technology applications that utilise VoIP, Unified Communications and/or OmniChannel Communications. These cloud services can deliver a quantum shift in an organisation’s capabilities and hence performance.

The challenge for technology providers is to provide services that continuously reflect a shifting marketplace and hence continuously improve the User Experience (UX). In parallel, their clients are wanting on-going improvement of the Customer Experience (CX). In short, the desired outcome for both parties is to gain competitive advantage through contemporary technology.

Here’s 11 business-critical reasons to make the move to a web-based environment without delay. Exploit the capabilities of Cloud and VoIP services;

  • 1. Significant Cost Savings
  • 2. Increased Technical & Communications Capability
  • 3. Scalability & Flexibility with Immediacy
  • 4. Automation & Speed to Market
  • 5. Mobility
  • 6. Greater Customer Engagement
  • 7. Agile, Collaborative & Dynamic Workplace
  • 8. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • 9. No Maintenance & Support Costs
  • 10. Future-Proof Technology
  • 11. Opex Price Model

Cloud PBX vs SIP Trunks is also, often a decision for Business Leaders. Should you keep you existing PBX and add SIP Trunks, or is a Cloud PBX inclusive of SIP Trunks a better proposition. The bottom line, is that really depends on your business requirements.

One advantage in the Cloud PBX vs SIP Trunks arguement, is that as a Cloud PBX is inclusive of a SIP Trunks and hence phone lines, searching for cloud SIP providers is not a requirement.

Drive the performance of your business into the new communications paradigm. Contact Smartcom Business Communications today; 1300 196 386 or contact us.


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