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October 15, 2018

Cloud VoIP PBX is the new Black!

Cloud VoIP PBX, Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, VoIP PBX, Virtual PBX – call it as you want, they are after all, fully inter-changeable terms for a cloud-based business phone system, as opposed to traditional on-premise Business phone system.

This short article is about sharing the extraordinary capabilities of a Cloud VoIP PBX  – and its about the phone system providing organisations with considerably more than the ability to make a voice call. Arguably, Its more to do with providing your business with greater flexibility, scalability, and above all, greater capability and future proof technology.

In other words, businesses now have the choice of replacing incumbent PBX technology with, an updated version that has some added features – in particular, instead of using ISDN for voice carriage, it will be SIP enabled, and hence can ultilise VoIP. Indeed, for some organisations this is a sound proposition, however for the majority of businesses that need to adopt technology that is able to cater for the ebbs and flows or modern-day business, this may prove inadequate; and hence the attraction of a Cloud VoIP PBX.

A significant advantage a Cloud VoIP PBX, or a Hosted PBX, has over an on-premise PBX, is that it is essentially a managed system. The vendor takes responsibility for the PBX services such as; maintenance and support; and VoIP carriage, meaning the only thing left for organisations to do, is make adjustments if necessary via the vendor’s, web-based customer portal.

Here’s 11 business-critical reasons to make the move to a Hosted PBX. Exploit the capabilities of a Cloud VoIP PBX services;

  • 1. Significant Cost Savings
  • 2. Increased Technical & Communications Capability
  • 3. Scalability & Flexibility with Immediacy
  • 4. Automation & Speed to Market
  • 5. Mobility
  • 6. Greater Customer Engagement
  • 7. Agile, Collaborative & Dynamic Workplace
  • 8. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • 9. No Maintenance & Support Costs
  • 10. Future-Proof Technology
  • 11. Opex Price Model

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