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June 16, 2020

cloud predictive dialler – choosing the ‘best fit’ cloud predictive dialer

When choosing a cloud predictive dialler, cut through the marketing jargon and identify inferior diallers amongst the cloud based dialers on offer. Moroever, the best cloud predictive dialer hase different capabilities from the others to look for – ranging from cloud diallers that are described as such;

  1. ‘click to call’ only
  2. predictive dialling mode 
  3. predictive and preview dialling modes 
  4. progressive, predictive and preview dialling modes.
  5. multiple and dynamic interchangeable dialler modes;
  6. fully blended inbound & outbound capability – whereby incoming calls can be prioritised during outbound dialler campaigns, with the assumption that an inbound call is a priority for the business.

Cloud Predictive Diallers are not all Equal

In short, not all cloud diallers are as smart as each other, nor are they as scalable or flexible as each other. So how do business leaders make an informed decision as to the best cloud dialler for their organisation? It’s evident that there are three key aspects of a call centre operation to consider; 1) the Number of Agents; 2) the type of business application/s ie; appointment setting, debt collection, cross-selling to customers etc. and 3) Data management & CRM integration.

Cloud Predictive Dialler: The Right ‘Fit’

In large, the business sector, the size of your call centre, contact data management, and the degree of operational flexibility and scalability is most likely to determine the type of cloud dialler needed. If nothing else, this criteria makes the decision-making process highly effective, as the focus is on business rules driving technology requirements to ensure the cloud dialler chosen has the capacity to manage the ebbs and flows of the day-to-day call centre operation. 

In this article, we focus on dialling modes. At the quality end of cloud dialler technology, there is considerable versatility; in that dialling, modes can be changed by call centre managers to their discretion; and importantly, dialling modes can be changed mid-campaign without interruption to the dialler campaign. 

Cloud Predictive Dialler – Dialling Modes

Dialling mode descriptions and recommendations for the different dialler modes of a cloud based predictive dialer are listed below;

Preview Dialler Mode & ‘Click to Dial

‘Click to Dial’ is an efficient means of phoning customers from either your CRM screen or alternatively dialler software from desktops – with pop-up phone numbers that can clicked-on, once agents are ready to make a call. This application is particularly useful if staff need to review a customer account prior to phoning.

Predictive Dialler Mode

The Predictive Dialler mode does just that, the predictive dialler software algorithm ‘predicts’ when the next available agent is available to receive a call. To be effective, the predictive mode is recommended for call centres with 10+ agents in order to optimise the predictive dialling algorithm – as it provides statistical data to create a critical mass. The predictive dialler mode has a considerable impact on productivity; as it vets all non-productive calls such as; voice mail; answering machines, busy, disconnected numbers and no answers. As the vetting is a back-end function, your contact centre staff are unaware of these events, and only deal with connected calls.

Power / Pre-Emptive Dialler Mode

Power Dialling mode is best used for outbound call centres with less than ten agents; whereby a call centre gains all the benefits of the predictive dialling mode, however, rather than the cloud dialler software algorithm determining when the next available agent is likely to be available, the agents themselves instruct the dialler that they have finished the previous call and ready to receive another call. With smaller agent numbers, this ensures that calls are sent to agents that are ready to accept a call.

Progressive Dialler Mode

Progressive Dialler mode is best used in call centre environments whereby after-call administration is consistently the same. In these environments, the call centre manager can determine the time needed for agents to complete paperwork after calls, and at this point, a new call will pop-up in the agent’s screen to be answered.

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    Cloud Predictive Dialer Glossary:

    Auto-Dialler: An auto dialler is an outbound call centre solution that automates call dialling for call centre agents or alternatively as an automated message. 

    Dialling Modes: Call centre managers have the ability to change the dialling modes on the supervisor screen which in turn alters the dialling algorithm within the dialler software. Different dialling modes are better suited to different business applications.

    Click to Dial: ‘Click to Dial’ enables calls to be made from desktop software such as a CRM. 

    Predictive Dialler/Dialling: is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers, calling numbers automatically and vetting engaged, voicemail, no-answers and disconnected numbers.

    Preview Dialling: A manual dialling mode, whereby agents preview each record prior to manually making a call through desktop software.

    Pre-Emptive Dialling: Pre-emptive dialling mode is when an agent become available and a call is answered, calls are  transferred to an agent.

    Progressive/Power dialling: In Progressive Mode, diallers run through calling lists across multiple campaigns at the pace of agents.

    Robo-Dialler: refer ‘Auto-Dialler’



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