What is a Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX?

First of all, to the unitiated, a Hosted PBXor Cloud PBX are one in the same; in that they are totally interchangeable terms for a business phone system. Likewise, VoIP PBX or Virtual PBX are also sometimes used to describe a Business Phone System that is cloud-based, and hence accessed via the Internet. For instance, Smartcom has a range of Hosted PBX services such as; EasyCloud PBX, Smartcom CloudPBX, Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams. (see hosted pbx plans)

Why the shift to cloud-based Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems?

In short, the roll-out of the NBN, and subsequent de-commissioning of the telephone copper network has been the catalyst for change in the adoption of IP (Internet Protocol) based, business phone systems.

How does a Hosted PBX Work?

Phone System & Phone Lines

In many ways, Hosted PBX applications are much like a mobile phone; in that the only equipment required onsite is the handset itself. That is to say, the phone system technology and VoIP phone lines are located in data centres, and therefore considered in ‘the  cloud’.

Hosted PBX Functions & Call Routing

The components of the business phone system and call routing are remotely configured by service providers.

Internet & Modem

Above all, a suitable, business-grade internet connection and modem is considered a business imperative – as a conquence of  the need of business continuity.

Network Switch

Offices with 4+ extensions require a network switch to plug not only the handsets into, but other office equipment, such as printers. On the other hand, small sites with as few as three extensions can plug phones directly into the internet modem.

Network Switch POE

Most importantly, new network switches are typically POE (Power Over Ethernet) enabled, and therefore power to handsets can be carried via copper ethernet cables, as against DC power packs.

Handsets, Softphones & Mobile Apps

Firstly, quality Yealink or Cisco IP Handsets are generally the handset of choice for Hosted PBX vendors. Secondly, handsets simply plug into a network data port and are provisioned by remote technical support staff thereafter.

Yealink desktop and wireless handsets come standard with our EasyCloud PBX, whereas the more advanced Smartcom Cloud PBX, Microsoft Teams or Webex Calling includes the softphones or Mobile Apps as well.

Hosted PBX – High Uptake

Hosted PBX adoption can have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of an organisation. As a result, businesses are better equipped to adapt to an environment of constant change. (see hosted pbx plans)

In addition to the above, businesses are able to gain a competitive edge as a result of increased capabilities, such as the following attributes;

  1. Increased Capabilities
  2. Scalability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Mobility
  5. Quality Customer Experience (CX)
  6. Responsiveness
  7. Cost-Efficiencies; Call Costs, IT Support & IT Infrastructure.

Increased Capabilities

Hosted PBX business phone systems deliver unprecented capabilities, including;

  1. Inbound Call Management
  2. Call Forwarding & Routing
  3. Auto Attendant ie; Press 1, Press 2 etc
  4. Call Recording
  5. Unified Communications
  6. Multiple Site Configurations
  7. Voice Mail to Email
  8. Change Management & Report Portal
  9. Report Dashboard
  10. Mobility such as Mobile App
  11. Live Call Monitoring
  12. Crystal Clear VoIP
  13. 1300 Number Integration
  14. Workforce Collaboration

Cisco Webex Calling & Microsoft Teams

Cloud services such as; Cisco Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams include functions such as; video conferencing, video 1:1, collaboration; and unified communications. (see hosted pbx plans)

In addition, Cisco Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams enable users to communicate across multiple channels. For instance; audio, email, instant messaging, presence, document sharing, video 1:1 and video conferencing. Webinars are also a feature of Webex. Most importantly, both cloud services integrate with Microsoft Office 365

Workforce Agility & Mobility

Above all, Hosted PBX software applications deliver unprecedented agility and mobility, as a result of staff having the flexibility to work from any anywhere, and on any device.

For instance, the voicemail-to-email function enables staff to receive messages from any location via laptops or mobile devices. Consequently, the function is widely used to efficiently manage after-hours calls for sectors, such as tradesman. (see hosted pbx plans)

Future Proof Technology

As a result of continuous softwware upgrades, cloud-based Hosted PBX business phone systems will continue to remain as contemporary technology, and therefore doesn’t require the expensive up-grades associated with on-premise systems. (see hosted pbx plans)

Compelling Commercial Gains

Hosted PBX applications deliver compelling commercial reasons to adopt the technology;

  1. No Capex
  2. No Upgrades/Swap-outs – as a result of Continuous Software & Handset firmware updates
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Scalable Price Models


In conclusion, and all things considered, Hosted PBX business phone systems improve business performance as a result of increased capabilities; agility and mobility. Moreover, improve your responsiveness to the marketplace, and above all, reduce you costs across many ICT components.

Learn about Hosted PBX business phone systems; info@smartcombusiness.com ph: 1300 196 386 or go to our hosted pbx page.





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