1300 Numbers in Australia. is it a free call in Australia
July 4, 2019

1300 Numbers in Australia Expand Customer Reach

1300 Numbers in Australia are increasingly used by businesses to expand customer reach and subsequently 1300 telephone numbers are used to both expand a customer-base, and increase revenue. So how much does a 1300 Number cost in Australia, and are 1300 Numbers a free call in Australia. Firstly, they come at a cost, however, the cost is all relative and depends on call volumes. That said, when considering the ROI a 1300 Number can deliver, its typically a nominal cost for most businesses.

More to the point, the ‘reach’ businesses gain from using 1300 Numbers in Australia can be profound, and indeed immediate. In particular, if you consider the power of having  a 1300 number published on a website – which in itself, inherently provides businesses with a national footprint throughout Australia.

Technological advancement has also meant that many more organisations are able to service customers throughout Australia, and indeed distribute goods nationally. Moreover, 1300 Numbers in Australia provide these companies with a highly-efficient and cost effective means of generating revenue opportunities on a national basis.

From a reach perspective alone, 1300 Numbers in Australia can expand revenue opportunities by simply having an Australia-wide presence. For instance, a business operating in Sydney using an (02) prefix, will in effect, limit its trade to the New South Wales marketplace of 7.5 million people – essentially missing out on potential engagement with the rest of Australia – around 17.5 million people. Even worse, the market potential  is further reduced as prospects seek companies operating in their local area.  The geographical neutrality of 1300 Numbers in Australia overcome this obstacle.

Likewise, in a more colloquial setting such as Queensland, with its numerous, well populated regional centres, even a Brisbane-based company not using a 1300 Number in Australia may struggle to resonate with consumers in regional areas such as the Gold Coast or Townsville for instance – and in essence miss out on 50% of the Queensland marketplace- some 2.5 million people.

1300 telephone numbers in Australia, and for that matter 1800 Numbers are a simple and immediate business tool to expand your customer reach into new markets; and hence has the potential to transform revenue performance.

The question that is often asked; is a 1300 Numbers a free call in Australia?

Its nonetheless apparent that the question should not be whether 1300 Numbers are free in Australia, or how much does a 1300 cost in Australia, but more to the point, how much extra revenue is to be made, in addition to the improve efficiencies of having a single point of call and the added professionalism a 1300 Number gives an organisation?

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    1300 Number: a 1300 Number in Australia is a ten-digit, national business phone number, whereby callers are charged local call rates from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.

    1800 Number: like a 1300 Number in Australia, a 1800 Number is a ten-digit, national business phone number, whereby callers can make calls without charge from a fixed line anywhere in Australia.

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